Bring Nature into your Home with Handmade Wooden Lighting


The concept of bringing nature into the home is not a new one. For years, designers and homemakers have played with ways to bring the tranquillity and beauty of the outside world into the interior living space. Bio-design has seen many examples of this, from living walls to petrified wood, and the trends continue to grow as designers take inspiration from the exquisite shapes and unassuming beauty found in nature...

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Eco-Friendly Design: 7 Essential Eco-Friendly Products for Green Homes


The first major step to green living is designing your home to be eco-friendly, but that doesn’t mean forgetting about the little things that make a big difference to your household’s long-term carbon footprint. Here, we’ve picked seven great eco-friendly products to help you live a little greener every day.

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5 Ways to Use Bamboo in Your Home Décor


Bamboo is one of the most versatile eco-friendly materials available. As a fast-growing grass, it is an easily renewed, very sustainable resource. Even though this is a major factor contributing to bamboo’s popularity, there’s no denying the appeal of its warm natural aesthetic, which can be adapted to suit a countless range of styles. Having used bamboo in many of our design projects, here are just a few suggestions of brilliant ways to use it in your home.

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